Actress • Writer • Producer

I’m Pearl Thomas and reinventing myself is what I do.

For seven years, I was dedicated to modeling but once I decided to get serious about my acting career there was no looking back.

I study with some of the greats including Craig Carnelia, Scott Freeman, and Joan Rosenfels. From there I was fortunate to grace stages and sets in New York and LA, as well as stages all over the US, Canada, and Japan. I also had a recurring role on ABC’s ‘What Would You Do?’

But I didn’t want to stop growing! In 2016, I started taking classes at Kimball Studio with Kelly Kimball and Janine DiTruillio and, not having any material that I felt truly showcased the full range of my talents, was inspired to write, produce and star in a short film, Carry On which has gone on to win 4 awards and screen all over the country! 

After the success of Carry On, I knew I had what it took to be a courageous creator instead of just being an actor looking to book other people’s work. Becoming a writer and working in production has shifted my dynamic in a big way! While I’m still dedicated to my career in film and television I’m also creating projects from start to finish and expanding my knowledge of the entertainment industry as a whole.

Today I love my on-camera work even more because the deeper understanding of writing and production I gained has heightened my awareness of my role as someone in front of the camera.

Altruism is in my bones – and becoming a mother has shown me new ways to approach my work, as has founding a successful non-profit,  Expanding into the world of being of service to others has given me new insight into how we communicate and how to push through adversity.

Currently, I’m actively seeking representation and still training hard to become a great stunt performer in the movies. I just booked my first major network tv show stunt doubling job on, Orange is the New Black. 

In short, I’m doing what I love, and I want to help others do what they love too. 


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