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Carry On, the movie screened at the NOVE FEST in March.



The award-winning short will be shown at the 14-day international film and music festival in Virginia.

The creators of Carry On, a short film about the life of a love-sick New Yorker dealing with a chronic illness and a seriously ill-timed blind date, recently announced that the film will screen at The NOVA Fest on Tuesday, April 11th. The NOVA Fest celebrates artistically and culturally significant films, filmmakers, screenwriters, and musicians.

“I’m just so thrilled more people will have the opportunity to see the film,” said Carry On screenwriter and lead actress Pearl Thomas. “And it’s such an honor to be selected for a festival that really respects and highlights filmmakers’ contributions to the arts.”

Carry On – a New York Short Film Festival official selection and IndieFEST Film Awards winner – is based on the story of Thomas’ own experiences trying to make it in acting while struggling with an autoimmune disease and gluten allergy – before most people knew what gluten was.

The end result is a film that began with a trailer created with the help of friends and family and became a fully-formed short after a successful crowdfunding campaign. She was supported along the way by talented people like actress, stuntwoman, and producer Nikki Tomlinson and producer, actor, and director Andy Kelso, among others.

Carry On has screened at the New York Short Film Festival, the First Friday Film Festival, and New England Indie Fest. The short film also won an Award of Merit in the prestigious IndieFEST Film Awards.

“Pearl has created something that speaks to people on a lot of different levels,” said actress Kirsten Louise Lewis, who plays Kara in the film. “But it’s packaged as a comedy, which is perfect because we all need humor as we figure this stuff out.”

About Carry On

Carry On is the short film written by New York based actress, writer and producer Pearl Thomas. Find out more at .